LocalStack Community

The LocalStack community focuses on servicing the users, contributors and the open-source culture that has heralded our flagship open-source software! Our community works together on multiple fronts: filing issues and creating pull requests, providing community support to users, advocating for its adoption among the wider community, and helping us further innovate our project.

The community page aims to serve our diverse contributors to discover ways in which they can engage with the rest of the community, stay up-to-date with the recent news and events, and discover how they can contribute to our projects.

Get involved

There are various ways through which you can participate and get involved with our community. You can ask questions, be a part of the conversation, or contribute to LocalStack’s growth. All kinds of contributions are welcomed and valued!


We have a vibrant discussion workspace on Slack which serves as the best place to get help with all your technical questions! We would like you to follow our Slack guidelines for effective and empathetic communication.

We are also active on various Social media channels where you can reach out to us to share your general feedback, check our new events, announcements and engage with the rest of the community!


The LocalStack ecosystem can only grow through the efforts of our contributors. We appreciate all your contributions and the innovation that is brought in this community-driven project.

Before contributing to any of our projects, please have a look at our Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct which we strictly follow.

We would also like you to ideally follow our contributing documentation and contribution workflow to develop a better idea about how we review and accept contributions!

Our most common contributions revolve around writing code, fixing bugs, triaging issues/pull requests, adding documentation, writing examples and providing community support. You can also be an advocate for us by referring us on blogs, papers, articles or by just mentioning us on social media.


We are conducting community events and webinars on our LocalStack Meetup platform. Our Meetup platform facilitates everyone to share their knowledge, feedback & ideas about the product and our community. Join our Meetup community today!

You are also welcome to start your own local user group/meetup to advocate for our community and reach interested users and developers. Let us know about your endeavours and we would be happy to support you!


There are so many amazing resources that the LocalStack community has put forward! You are welcome to add your resource as long it brings forward a positive impact for our community!


You can also check out more blogs on Medium and Dev.to.


Community projects

Check out more of our community projects on GitHub.


To add an example, make sure it uses the latest release of LocalStack.