Get support for LocalStack.


For any technical enquiries or questions regarding usage of LocalStack itself, the best resource is usually to search the list of issues in the Github repository. In many cases, it is easy to find a solution using the issue search function on Github. Otherwise, please raise a new issue on Github with a detailed error description.

Deviations From AWS APIs

The AWS cloud is a very dynamic environment with constant extension and improvement of APIs. Due to the sheer size and complexity of the AWS environment, we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with all APIs at all times. Occasionally, the behavior of the LocalStack APIs may slightly deviate from AWS, although in general we try to ensure that the core functionality has high level of compatibility.

Bug Reports

As in any other software product, the user may occasionally run into errors reported by the platform. Some issues are caused by invalid or unexpected input values from the user’s applications, some are caused by a flaw in the internal implementation. We are working very hard to fix bugs in a timely manner and maintain a high level of quality of the platform.

When creating issues and bug reports, please make sure to include a detailed description of the error (including debug logs, error messages, etc), as well as information about the environment in which the error has occurred.

Requests are processed on a best-effort basis. Depending on your level of support, we may be able (but cannot guarantee) to prioritize your support requests.

General Enquiries

For enquiries regarding billing, subscriptions, or other administrative issues, please send us an email to

Community vs Pro Edition

A free edition of LocalStack is provided as an open source project on Github. The free edition has a limited feature set, and lacks any enterprise features like dashboarding, analytics, or customer support.