LocalStack is a platform that simplifies and accelerates development of cloud applications. At its core, LocalStack provides a cloud service emulation layer that runs in a single container on your laptop or in your CI environment. With LocalStack, you can run your AWS services or Lambdas entirely on your local machine without connecting to a remote cloud provider.

LocalStack focuses on developer experience (DevX) and offers a number of team collaboration features on top of the core emulation layer, like advanced persistence mechanisms that allow reuse and sharing of resources among team members and across environments. For enterprises LocalStack also comes with advanced analytics and reporting mechanisms.

The overview of different usage tiers (Open Source, Pro, Enterprise) can be found at LocalStack Features page

You can check the latest details about the current feature coverage of the specific services you want to use here: LocalStack Features coverage.

Yes, the Community Edition can be used for commercial use (distributed under the Apache 2.0 open source license).

The list of tool integrations supported by LocalStack can be found at LocalStack integration page.

Users receive an invite after signing up to the LocalStack app on app.localstack.cloud. You can also directly sign-up for our Slack workspace through our Slack invite. Otherwise please reach out to support@localstack.cloud.

Yes, we offer a 14 days free trial. To activate your free trial, sign up on the app app.localstack.cloud. Under the billing section click on create a new plan.

You can find your entire invoice history in your account details at Account billing section.

Please note, if you are part of an organization account, only your organization’s admins have access to the billing section.

Your free trial will automatically expire after 14 days - no need to manually cancel it. We do not automatically add a paid license at the end of the free trial.

You can create new subscriptions on Account billing section by using the + ADD NEW PLAN button.

Please note, if you are part of an organization account, only your organization’s admins have access to the billing section and can assign API keys to you in the member section at Account members section.

LocalStack Pro currently requires internet connectivity for a short period of time at start up, to activate the API key. Once the stack is up and running and initialized, you should be able to use it offline as well. We also have a mechanism that caches the activation key for a certain period of time (e.g., ~6hours) on the local machine.

LocalStack Pro Individual user licenses are bound to one individual developer. As per our terms of use individual user licenses are not offered as a license pool and are not available to be used in CI Systems. You can reassign licenses on a monthly basis, but not change users more frequently.

You get a new API key when switching from the free 14 day trial to the pro subscription. So any usage events generated towards the old trial key won’t be visible.

Your CI key offers a certain monthly number of available credits, depending on the number of individual user seats you have purchased. Each subscription (both Pro and Team) comes with the number of chosen individual developer keys to be configured on each developer’s machine, plus one extra CI key (at no additional charge) which allows you to use LocalStack in your CI environment.

For example, if you have purchased 8 Pro seats, the CI key would come with 200 CI credits (100 base credits for the first three users and 20 additional credits for each user 4-10). In case you purchase 8 Team seats, the CI key would come with 2000 CI credits (1000 base credits for the first three users plus 200 additional credits for each user 4-10).

Please note that the Pro subscription is intended for use on individual user machines and the CI credits offered in Pro are mainly intended for demonstrative purposes, so you can set up and test how LocalStack performs in your CI pipelines. If you are planning to use LocalStack extensively across your CI/CD environments, the Team plan will be the right one for you.

Every activation of a CI key consumes one build credit. This means that every build in a CI environment which spins up the LocalStack container will consume one credit.

We invoice based on the number of seats purchased. This means that users with admin rights can invite as many team members as they wish and assign the number of purchased API keys among them.

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