Open Source Sponsorship

LocalStack is built on several third-party open-source software and toolings. We are committed to supporting the open-source community and offer free access to LocalStack Pro to open-source projects and maintainers. LocalStack allows you to run and test your open-source projects in a fully functional local AWS cloud stack on your laptop or in a continuous integration environment. We are committed to assisting developers in adopting LocalStack to accelerate the development of their cloud-native open-source projects.

To obtain sponsorship for a project, confirm that the criteria below are satisfied. Moving forward, contact us at with an email detailing your open-source project and the reason for requesting sponsorship.

Eligibility criteria

We define the following criteria for open-source projects to be eligible for sponsorship:

  • The project should be open-source and available on a publicly accessible repository.
  • The project should be non-commercial and not-for-profit.
  • The project should have a LocalStack banner in the source repository’s README file or on the documentation.
  • The project should have a link to LocalStack on the project’s README file or the website.

If your project meets the terms of these eligibility criteria, don’t hesitate to contact us at the above mail address. To renew your license, please send us a reminder mail on the same mail thread to allow us to renew your license.

Frequently asked questions

  • Where can I get help?

    LocalStack has excellent documentation, which is our central reference for all the features and toolings. We also have a Slack community where you can ask questions and get help from other users. Drop a mail at to get an invite or join through our Slack invite.

  • How can I prove my maintainer status?

    Please share with us the project that you are working on and your profile to allow us to verify your maintainer status. We would ideally look at the number of commits made to the project or any official page that demonstrates your maintainer status. If you need LocalStack Pro sponsorship for an entire team, please share further details about the team and the project.

  • Can I use my open-source sponsorship license for my official work purposes?

    No, we are not offering open-source sponsorship licenses for official work or personal purposes. The open-source sponsorship license aims to help open-source projects capitalize on LocalStack’s features and services. We encourage you to purchase a professional license for any work-related purposes.

  • Do I need an open-source sponsorship license to work on an educational or charity project?

    We sponsor educational projects through our free educational license program. If you are running a non-profit charity project, don’t hesitate to contact us at to discuss the details.

Stay in the loop

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