LocalStack comes in two flavors - as a free, open source Community Edition, and as a Pro Edition with extended features and support. See the table below for a comparison. If you need support for large organizations, please contact us for the Enterprise Edition.

We are strongly committed to our open source offering. Our philosophy is that today’s best software is built by great people in an open collaboration, and therefore we will continue to contribute significantly to the Community Edition of LocalStack. If you are using LocalStack in your company (startup or enterprise), we only ask for a small contribution which helps support the future success and growth of the platform and its ecosystem.

FeatureCommunity EditionPro EditionEnterprise Edition
Core AWS Services
Community Updates
Extended AWS Services (see here)-
Support for Lambda Layers-
Security (IAM/Cognito)-
Web UIs for Resource Management-
Custom DNS Integration-
Updates / Bug Fixesoccasionallyfrequentlyon demand support
Data Persistence / Cloud Pods- (only basic)✔ *✔ *
CloudFormation Supportbasicextendedon demand support
Serverless Integrationbasicextendedon demand support
Multi-Region Support-
Test Report Dashboards-✔ *✔ *
Resources/Cost Analysis-✔ *✔ *
Custom CI Integration--
Personalized Support--
You're supporting the Project-
Monthly PriceFree
DeveloperCI System
€ 20 € 15 / month **
per user + 14 days free trial
€ 20 for 200 build credits (€ 0.1 per CI build ***)
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* This feature is still under development. An early version is available, and advanced power features will be added soon.

** Limited time offer valid for the first 2 months. Price will automatically increase from € 15 to € 20 per license after the first 2 months of active subscription. Please note that this discount only applies for online signups with credit card directly in the app.

*** Assuming one individual startup of the LocalStack CI Docker container per CI build. All CI systems, like CircleCI, Jenkins, Github Actions, etc. are supported, and each LocalStack CI Docker container startup consumes one CI build credit.