LocalStack Cloud Emulation

LocalStack provides a fully functional local cloud stack - develop your cloud apps offline!

Truly shift left - get productive with cloud dev from day 1

  • Start up LocalStack as a Docker container - up and running in seconds
  • Provides the same APIs as the real cloud, all on your local machine
  • No need to write hand-crafted mocks for your unit and integration tests
  • Reduce the latency of your deploys - literally develop your apps offline
  • Remove the barrier for cloud dev - no more tedious cloud approvals!

Turbocharge your inner dev loop - dev cycles in seconds

  • Reduce deploy times from minutes to seconds
  • Instant feedback for any application changes - boosting your productivity
  • Avoid the slow and tedious deploy-test-redeploy cycles for your cloud apps
  • Hot deploy - instantly test changes in Lambda functions without redeploy

Enhanced debuggability and full reproducibility across CI/CD

  • Easily reproducible environments from local dev, across CI/CD, into prod
  • Set breakpoints in your local execution and hook into the in-memory state
  • Spin up ephemeral environments to test or showcase your changes
  • Directly reproduce red CI runs and build failures on your machine