LocalStack Team / Enterprise

Advanced use cases and collaboration features that natively scale with your development team

Advanced persistence with Local Cloud Pods

  • Store a persistent snapshot of your LocalStack instance to capture the state
  • Inject the snapshot into your local instance to restore the state
  • Enable collaborative debugging - working on the same application state
  • Cloud Pods can be stored, shared, versioned - similar to git commits

Bootstrap and replicate environments in your CI builds

  • Configure your application state to preseed the test environment
  • Continuously track the state of your LocalStack instance during a CI build
  • Easily replicate the CI state into your environment for local debugging
  • Get a representative copy of production mirrored into your test environment

Insights and traceability across the CI/CD pipeline

  • Easily keep track of the state in your LocalStack instance for each CI build
  • Visually browse and inspect the state at different phases of execution
  • Use the diff view to compare the delta between two points in time
  • Collect aggregated statistics and insights of your CI builds over time