Core Cloud Emulation

LocalStack's cloud emulation technology provides a fully functional cloud stack on your local machine. Develop and test your cloud applications with the full cloud experience, but without the hassle of the remote cloud.


Your local cloud sandbox for development, testing, and experimentation

  • More than 60+ emulated AWS cloud services, running entirely on your local machine
  • Provides the same APIs and services as the real cloud
  • No need to upload your code to the cloud for testing and debugging
  • Reduce the latency of your deploys - literally develop your apps offline

Truly shift left - get productive with cloud dev from day 1

  • Start up LocalStack as a Docker container - up and running in seconds
  • Run your workloads and tests against the local API endpoints
  • No need to write hand-crafted mocks for your unit and integration tests
  • Remove the barrier for cloud dev - no more tedious cloud approvals!

Turbocharge your inner dev loop - dev cycles in seconds

  • Reduce deploy times from minutes to seconds
  • Instant feedback for any application changes - boosting your productivity
  • Avoid the slow and tedious deploy-test-redeploy cycles for your cloud apps
  • Hot reloading - instantly test local changes in Lambda functions without redeploying

Use the Web user interface to browse and inspect resources locally

  • Visual representation of the current state of your LocalStack instance
  • Similar to the AWS Web Console, but for browsing resources locally
  • Quickly access the key details of all services - S3 buckets, Lambda application logs, StepFunctions workflow executions, etc.
  • Drill into the state of your application and leverage the debugging capabilities directly in the Web UI


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