The power of the cloud ecosystem, all in your local development platform with LocalStack.


Leverage our growing system of integrations

  • Native integrations with key tools and platforms - from Infrastructure-as-Code frameworks to CI systems
  • We want to meet developers where they are - LocalStack fits seamlessly into your existing dev flow
  • LocalStack can integrate with virtually every cloud tool, as it provides emulation on the API level
  • A variety of tools, plugins, and CLI wrappers are provided to easily interact these integrations

Extensions architecture - opening up the LocalStack platform for third-party plugins

  • Ability to plug in new emulators for third-party APIs (e.g., Stripe, Twitter, Dropbox, etc)
  • Develop your own services and advanced features, easily integrate them into the platform for local development
  • Leverage the common functionality provided by the framework - request handling, state management, plugin loading, and more


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