Enterprise Integration

Organization-wide observability and traceability of your enterprise cloud application workflow. With dedicated support to help you and your enterprise make the best of LocalStack.


Detailed insights and traceability across the CI/CD pipeline

  • Record all interactions happening throughout a CI build to get a detailed timeline of API calls and application states
  • Select and drill into the state at a particular point of execution
  • Correlate the timeline of API calls with state changes, to identify hot spots and defect root causes

Custom integrations to fit into the Enterprise IT landscape

  • SSO integration with your preferred authentication provider
  • Offline version as well as self-hosting options of parts of the platform
  • Custom emulators for additional APIs to be plugged into the LocalStack platform

Dedicated technical support with SLAs

  • Personalized and dedicated technical support for you and your teams
  • Consulting for custom use cases and implementations
  • Prioritization of feature requirements


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