Team Collaboration

Resolve the friction and improve productivity of your cloud development teams with LocalStack's advanced collaboration features that natively scale with your workflow.


Local Cloud Pods - advanced persistence for sharing application state

  • Store a persistent snapshot of your LocalStack instance
  • Inject cloud pods from your team members into your own local instance
  • Cloud Pods can be stored, shared, versioned - similar to git commits
  • Enable collaborative debugging - working on the same application state

Enhanced debuggability and full reproducibility across CI/CD

  • Spin up LocalStack in your CI pipelines to run tests before pushing out changes to production
  • Fully reproducible environments from local dev, across CI/CD, into prod
  • Spin up ephemeral environments to test or showcase your changes

Tracing and analytics to gain deep insights into your application and the usage of LocalStack

  • Drill-down of most commonly used services and API calls
  • Detailed audit log of interactions as well as API error codes in your app over time
  • Browse and investigate the state of your Cloud Pods and the contained resources, including version history
  • Investigate and correlate API call traces, to enable deep debugging within your team


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